Error messages on remote syncs after v1.1.0 installed

External W7 computers as send only, I have a backup server that is receive only. All been fine up until the last update. was on rc2 with no errors

On the remote computers im getting

GetFileInformationByHandle \?\C:: Incorrect function.

on the computers where the software is running and on the network shares…

The network name cannot be found

Although I am able to access the remote folders through explorer. I have also noticed on the sync job rescan section it’s now saying “Failed to setup, retrying”

I have shutdown and restarted Syncthing and get the same issue.

It does appear to be scanning on the remote computers despite the errors but at the moment nothing is syncing.

As im new to Syncthing, let me know what logs you need and how to acquire them. I’m also off to bed, UK time so will catch this in the morning.

Been looking further. The errors title is Filesystem Watcher Errors and the error only appears if the watcher is enabled (this is all on the remote computers that are send only). By disabling it, the errors go away.

It also seems that the syncs are working so maybe the error is benign / false.

I’m having the same problem. Appeared on both of my Win 10 machines immediately after upgrading to v1.1.0. Like Terry, if I turn off the watcher, the error goes away on both machines.

This sounds like a bug that should be reported on GitHub (technically, probably something caused by switching to Go 1.12).

I’ve added a bug report as it’s now clear i’m not the only one with the alert.

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