Error: leveldb: bad record in batch

I got a working setup with 3 Nodes. Everything is working fine. My Laptop went to sleep, I woke it up again, but it didn’t reconnected. So I killed the process (systemctl stop syncthing@user) and started it again. After an hour of waiting the Gui still didn’t load and my CPU is always at 100% for the syncthing process.

Starting syncthing by hand gives the following message, and exits immediately: FATAL: leveldb.OpenFile(): leveldb: bad record in batch

I assume going to sleep caused the syncthing database to be corrupted. Is it possible to fix that again?

All three nodes are Linux-nodes (Arch)

This is a bug in the leveldb library, recently fixed and will be in the next release of syncthing. Going to sleep shouldn’t cause it though as far as I know, however forcibly killing syncthing or running into a full disk could do it. At this point there’s not much to do about the index; erase it and let syncthing rescan.

just to be sure: erase the folder ~/.config/syncthing/index

Yes, but actually, before you do that you could see if this build does read the database correctly anyway:

your -dirty-build worked without a problem. just started normally edit: is it a good idea to start the 9.1 version from the arch repo after running your 9.2-dirty build?