Error FATAL: Bad listen address: too many colons in address tcp://

syncthing stopped working on my mac. If I typed syncthing in the terminal. I will get “[RN2F3] 19:40:18 FATAL: Bad listen address: too many colons in address tcp://”

I googled it online and found a few posts regarding this issue but none of them works.

btw, how do you restart syncthing web gui in mac?

Just FYI:

Johns-Mac-Pro:~ qinking126$ syncthing -version syncthing v0.11.26 “Aluminium Ant” (go1.5.1 darwin-amd64 default) brew@yosemitevm.local 2015-10-02 06:08:07 UTC

You have an ancient version of Syncthing but a more modern configuration file. (Re-)Upgrade your Syncthing.

I installed it using homebrew (brew install syncthing). Just tried to ugprade it. this is already the latest one. btw, I didnt touch anything, how did I get a modern config file all the sudden?

Johns-Mac-Pro$ brew upgrade syncthing

Error: syncthing 0.11.26 already installed

No idea… brew update? I’m pretty sure there should be something more recent than that. Otherwise just grab the latest release from GitHub.

The latest available version is v0.13.10 according to

Did you follow these instructions?

And if this doesn’t help, try running brew update twice:

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