Equal IDs on different computers.

Dear friends.

I have 2 computers, and the S.O. (Win10) of one of them has been cloned from the other computer. Now when I install SyncTrayzor / Syncthing on these computers, the 2 PCs get the same ID.

Is it possible to generate a new ID for one of these computers?

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The ID is derived from cert and key pem files in syncthings config dir.

So it is not possible to change?

I will have to reinstall the S.O. so that it can generate a different ID.

Delete the cert.pem and key.pem files in the Syncthing configuration dir. On next startup they will be recreated and you have a new ID.

Thanks for the help, all right now.

Initially, I had located only the folder under “Roaming”, But with your help informing the files (cert.pem and key.pem ) to delete, I found the folder:

C:\Users\ “NameUser”\AppData\Local\Syncthing


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