Enhancement: File versioning on "unshared" folder

Hello all,

I would suggest to enable file versions on unshared folders. Then you could have for example a samba share that has a file versioning. I would copy files on the share with robocopy and with file versioning I could get back deleted or overwrittten files. Syncthing can see the file changes in the changelog in the lower right corner like “file xyz was deleted…”.

Then Syncthing would be a tool like Synology Drive.

Syncthing can see when a file is deleted, that’s right, but at that point the file is well deleted. So there’s nothing to version, the file is gone. Plus how does what you intend to do have anything to do with syncing? Sounds like what you want to do is set up a backup for that data. There’s plenty of solutions that do that, Syncthing isn’t one of them.

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Just for the record, as this is neither the most efficient nor the most user-friendly solution, but you can achieve local versioning by running two instances of Syncthing, and then syncing your files between them, enabling versioning on the second one.

yes a backup. but smart like syncthing does. to backup only files that were changed and not to scan all files.

It’s nice that you acknowledge the smartness of syncthing, but that bit isn’t one that’s particularly smart. Any backup software worth its salt can do incremental backups, and some do provide filesystem watching to detect changes quickly too.

Do you have some software I can use for this? Without tinkering rsync + lsyncd + inotofy?

Try FreeFileSync, https://freefilesync.org/. It will copy with versions and also has a “RealTimeSync” mode that will detect changes and copy/version (based on a time delay you determine). It has almost all the “smartness” of Syncthing for local files (or files to SCP/FTP/GDrive, etc).

Maybe one day my suggestion will find its way into Syncthing. I will continue to use Synology Drive because right now it is the complete tool.

I just can’t see how this could be done.

Once the file is gone, its gone, we can’t version it after it has been deleted.

I do not understand this reasoning. Synology Drive is a server client tool that only works if the shares are set on the server and the Drive APP is running on the clients (Windows, Android). If a folder is shared with versioning on the server, but not connected to any client and active, it would be new to me that versioning is then nevertheless performed when files are changed or deleted in the folders in question from a third party.

I have set up this mode on three Synology, because I use Drive only for shares, but otherwise Syncthing is implemented on all servers and clients (Windows, Linux, Android).

When it comes to operational security, I even advise against Drive for syncing, because it is up to now demonstrably not operationally secure. This dilemma already started with Cloudstation, and Drive as its successor has not gotten much better. The fact that there can be various problems in terms of operational reliability is particularly noticeable with large amounts of data.

For this reason, I have long used P2P software such as Syncthing, which is better, runs reliably and is also more flexible due to the P2P concept.