Endless synchronization

Can’t understand what’s wrong, the smartphone and the laptop are on the same Wi-Fi network, and nothing sync.

Did you already check the WebGUI on your Smartphone? Usually, this should give you a hint what’s going on.

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Find out the problem, my smartphone cannot give permission to use the microSD like sync folder ._. I propose to add an error notification to the android app, because otherwise, less expert users will be doomed.

I’m sure there is already an issue for this. If not, you can open one at https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing-android/issues.

There is a notification when you open the folder picker, that external storage is not supported. What kind of additional notification do you suggest?

I think he meant generally some notification in the case of a folder error as these currently do not propagate to the android UI.

I’m pretty sure we already display errors coming from Syncthing in the device/repo overview. @calmh would it be possible to trigger such an error message from Syncthing when it can’t write to a folder?

When I was at the “choose default folder” part, no error notification was triggered, neither before choosing the microSD(a little red text near the microSD drectory would be great) neither after choosing.

There should be a toast when you create a new folder, after you tap “directory”.

[quote=“Nutomic, post:7, topic:7822”] I’m pretty sure we already display errors coming from Syncthing in the device/repo overview.[/quote]

Just upgrade to syncthing-android 0.8.0 and had the possibility to verify my previous observation. I have a Master folder on my phone and due to the index database rebuild for syncthing 0.14, it is now marked as Out of Sync in the Web GUI. At least, this is what I think, because I just see the red box and the Override changes button. The repo overview, however, shows it as Idle. Restarting syncthing and/or syncthing-android doesn’t change anything.

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This happened to me too, I had to press “Override changes” on all my Master folders on both Android and Mac.

Right, “Override changes” isn’t supported yet (there’s an open issue). But iirc there’s are seperate error field on the folders that we support. Or maybe it was just on devices, not sure right now.