endless loop of syncing

I have an issue I can’t seem to resolve.

I have two machines running syncthing, a laptop running ubuntu and a raspberry pi running debian from noobs.

My goal is to share a few folders between them with the laptop as send only and the pi as receive only.

Whenever I set up a folder and share it, the pi syncs and downloads all the files and then on the next rescan it says all of them are out of sync. I am continuously presented with the revert button on the RO machine and the override button on the SO machine. If I press either, the entirety of the folder is synced again and then the cycle repeats.

It’s like the pi is changing all the files every time it receives them? I have tried deleting the files on the RO machine, deleting the shared folder and making it again on the SO machine, and uninstalling/reinstalling syncthing on the RO machine.

Any advice? Please let me know what info you need.

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Check how the files differ to understand why that happens.

And apart from Audrius’ specific advice, a screenshot from both sides is generally a good start (e.g. it contains Syncthing version).

What is the best way to compare the files? I assume I should be looking in the attributes via a terminal command?

raspberrypi RO:

I would post a screenshot of the SO machine but I can only post one image

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Run ls -l *filename* with any file.

I increased your trust level, maybe that was enough to post more screenshots - otherwise you could use something like imgur.com.

Does the problem disappear if you set the send-only machine to send-receive (more generally, put any of the two but only one to send-receive).

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