Encrypted Folder without Mangling Metadata

Hi all,

I recently learned about the Encrypted Folder feature and I think it’s super cool. However I would like to be able to do an Encrypted Sync to a device without Mangling the date modified or the folder structure.

That way I could sync photos to a NAS/VPS and let it archive photos older than x number of days, while maintaining E2E encryption.

The point is I would like it to be able to operate on the Synced files based on metadata without it being able to read the contents of those files.

Maybe this is a silly idea and there’s some better way of doing it. I’d like to hear you guys’ thoughts on the matter :slight_smile:


So in addition to maintaining the original modified timestamp, you’d also like the original file and folder names visible (i.e. not obfuscated by hashing or some other method)?

Mostly out of curiosity, but actually for some technical reasons too – what types of file operations?

Not silly, but definitely unusual. :wink:

Generally speaking, people who want file encryption also tend to also want the corresponding metadata shielded too.

I can say with some confidence, I think, that we will not be introducing a third slightly-encrypted storage mode. Sorry.

No, folder and file names would ideally stay spaghettified :slight_smile:

It’s just the date modified and folder structure I’d be interested in having unmangled. It would look something like a gocryptfs volume on the recieving end.

Just moving files older than say 90 days into another folder, so that they get removed from my phone but stay on the VPS

Totally understand, it was a long shot :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s always an option to use something like gocryptfs in reverse mode (plaintext storage, encrypted “view”) and have syncthing sync the encrypted view.

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That would be a perfect solution to my problem if not for the fact that gocryptfs in reverse mode is read-only :confused:

Really appreciate this lead though, thank you! Maybe I’ll make a Github issue over there for it…