Enabling Large Blocks


I have a bunch of folders on many machines which are happily syncing - but without Large Blocks being enabled on them.

I’m considering enabling Large Blocks on these folders - which I presume brings increased efficiency in syncing and reduced database size. However, what should I be aware of when making this change?:

  • I presume the folders will get completely rehashed - which will presumably slow syncing down for file changes whilst the rehash happens, and result in the re-exchange of all the indexes;
  • I won’t be able to enable Large Blocks on all machines on a folder at exactly the same time. Will this prevent machines without Large Blocks enabled from receiving changes, until they have it enabled?

Anything else?..

Many thanks!

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Everything will not get rehashed as a result of the change; only files changed afterwards will get the large blocks treatment.

Other devices can sync those files just fine regardless of their block size setting. However, the first time a file is synced with a changed block size it will need to be transferred in full.


Amazing - that sounds perfect.

Once more, I’m humbled by the depth of thought that goes into this project - thanks!


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