Enable only some syncs for mobile data and restrict others to wifi

Now here’s the thing, i have a particular sync that deals with large files that i can only allow over wifi while all the rest are fine and i can have and kinda NEED over data, any way to selectively change the data settings for these syncs? I tried the web gui from the app but i couldnt find anything of use. Any help would be appreciated

This is impossible unless you write your own scripts and control Syncthing through the REST API. Alternatively, Syncthing-Fork does offer more control over sync conditions on a per folder level.

if you like hacks :sunglasses: you could run 2 Syncthing instances: “device” A shares large file folders and “device” B shares small file folders

On phone you add “device” A with WLAN address and B with WLAN address and also external IP/port forwarding. Then all you need to do is select folders from each device.

At home phone will find both A and B with WLAN and on the road the phone will only connect to B

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