Editing Ignore Patterns Slows Down From Folder to Folder


I’ve got a fairly consistent issue between my Syncthing instances: if I attempt to edit my Ignore Patterns across a number of folders, I get an increasing delay before the Ignore Patterns displays in the web GUI as I step from folder to folder.

E.g. the first folder I edit displays instantly, the second folder has a short delay before the Ignore Patterns are shown, the third folder has a longer delay, etc.

Before the Ignore Patterns are shown, I get the Ignore Patterns tab showing correctly - but with ‘Loading…’ in the display.

It’s not a major issue - but it doesn’t seem entirely natural to me… :wink: It might be because I’m running on low power NAS units with many files - but the delay seems disproportionate.


Editing ignore patterns causes a rescan of the folder with the new patterns. So I’m guessing that you’re seeing more background activity when editing subsequent patterns.

I see the previously-edited folders go into scanning - but in the case I’m looking at the moment, they’re quite small and revert to Up To Date quite quickly.

But still the Loading… on the next folder I’m trying to edit persists.

I would assume it’s a peculiarity of my setup - but I see it on so many of my Syncthing instances, I suspect there’s something unintentional going on. (As I say, it’s not a biggie though!)


I’ve just run a test on a brand-new Syncthing setup on a fast machine here, and I’m not seeing the effect I described - so I guess it must be filesystem access delays? The machines I’m usually running have slow filesystems…

It’s just a bit curious that the rest of the folder edit window displays instantly - but the Ignore Patterns can remain on ‘Loading…’ for seconds/minutes at a time.

Anyhoo, I’ll flag it again if I manage to isolate the problem beyond system limitations.

Thanks again.

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