Easy share feature

EASY SHARE Use case: your dad wants to share some photos with you. Here’s how it could work: he drags the folder onto an “share me” area of the syncthing gui. It prompts him for two things: read-only? (defaults to yes), and with who? (recent device ids are highlighted). Then he pushes a big blue “poke” button, then alerts the device id at the other end that there is a folder waiting. But wait: you haven’t added your dad’s device id yet! You get an option to ignore the device id (spam) or add it. But wait: actually you do have your dad’s device id added. It prompts you if you want to accept his share.

Advantages of this method: it’s way quicker. You don’t have to worry about folder ids, or about paths. It could even have an option to unshare after sync.


So I guess this needs https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing/issues/966, and then it’s basically just some GUI work. The infrastructure for getting a new share to another device etc is already there.

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Yes it looks like it :slight_smile:

The gui work would really pay off I think, it’s too hard to get non-IT people using syncthing at the moment.