@eaDir : NAS Synology and iMac Sync

Synchronizing 350 MoDirectory between NAS Synology and iMac (12.19 release) : long long time for such directory with new directory @eaDir created on my iMac ! Any suggestion : correct or am I supposed to do differently and remove @eaDir. Directory supposed to be synced on my NAS is still empty.

This directory is created by your nas software.

Well and what to do ?

Check NAS documentation to see if you can disable these directories.

We don’t provide support for your NAS.

Read the docs on adding ignore patterns.

Maybe “Ignore Patterns” can be something to use with .stignore on my NAS ? // // OS generated files ########### .DS_Store .Spotlight-V100 Trashes ~* .~lock.* // NEW for NAS @eaDir

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