Doubts about synchronization

I want to synchronize a giant folder where I am sure that other users will not have space to have all files, is there any way to solve this ?

The other users should have put a free disk space limit when they accepted your folder (knowing that it is huge), and they also shouldn’t have lowered that Syncthing-wide free disk space cap (if I remember correctly, it’s 1% of the disk space by default, which is usually quite enough to keep the system functioning OK). Now they only have themselves to blame.

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Acho que eu não explique direto, se outros usuários colocarem um limite chegar nesse limite como Syncthing vai se comportar ?

When the limit is reached, Syncthing stops adding new files to disk. It still tracks the changes and tries to delete the files that have been deleted in the swarm to free up space.

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excuse me, would there be any way to overlay some little used files ?

No, not really. Syncthing doesn’t have a way to guess which files are more/less important or necessary, and it doesn’t delete a file if it wasn’t deleted elsewhere in swarm.

You may work around this by having a second folder with most relevant and important files, and have the free space limit for that folder set lower, so that that folder takes precedence in syncing; but that depends on your actual workflow.

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could create micro program that looks at the folder if I had size close to the limit it would exclude the oldest. Do you have an api where you can monitor the files Syncthing is receiving ?

Event API is available.

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