Don't sync just one subfolder (how-to)

Hi I LOVE this program because I can have a backup of all my phone files on my computer for free with almost no tedious effort.

Anyway how can I skip only the subfolder on my phone (with my downloaded videos)? (Not important to sync because I could just redownload if I drop my phone in the toilet.)

Thank you so much guys! :heart: :heart: :heart:

I guess this is what you want:


I tried to use the gui option to make the ignore file on my phone, but get

“cannot save file”


Does you or anyone else know why?

It’s likely the text editor that you’re using. You may try to either install a different text editing application, or alternatively open the Web GUI (from the left slide-out menu) and edit the ignore patterns there.

Just a side note, not really related to the problem at hand, but you can probably replace all the **Vid, **vid, *Vid, and *vid entries with a single (?i)*vid (no need for ** here).

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