Donation not working

I wanted to donate to Syncthing developers. On the homepage, there is a Stripe-backed web-app to do so. However, after completing the form (email, credit card info), I get the following error.

I wanted to let the developers know and ask if there was some other way to donate.



Thanks for the attempt, but apart from the bitcoin one on the same page there isn’t currently another way. Although the error is very politely worded this is usually some variant of “the bank declined your card”, maybe due to them not liking the postal code entered or some other anti fraud thing kicking in.

(We unfortunately get some not insignificant amounts of card fraud and I’ve deployed some blocking against that on our side as well, just based on declining repeat failures without even checking the card.)

Understood re: fraud prevention. Not surprising either. I’ll try again. I don’t think it was the postal code, but it could have been the email; though I’m not sure how Stripe would know the “right” email for my credit card.