Donating to fund development

(Audrius Butkevicius) #21

Bare in mind this is coming from a grumpy people hating a-hole pessimist, but I don’t think it’s as easy as that. It’s hard to sell something thats already free, and I don’t think one or two coorporate support packages sold would be sufficient for someone to give up his main source of income to provide a support at the SLA a coorporate entity would expect (unless we opt in for a model where the support person you are in contact with knows less about the product than you do - which is not valuable but just ticks the box).

You could have a pro version with ldap or some other coorporate thing yet that would probably have to be closed source to make sense, and turn into exactly the same thing that BTSync is (hint hint if you want to pay for things).

On the other hand nginx and redhat started off somehow I guess…

(Jakob Borg) #22

There are no plans for a commercial productization of Syncthing at the moment (that I’m aware of), and I think it’s important not to fragment Syncthing or suddenly start arbitrarily charging for things that have no intrinsic cost just because we can. You won’t see a five folder limit in the free edition, to be lifted by buying the pro subscription, etc. Syncthing is not going there, and I’m well aware that’s not what you’re asking for - I just want to clarify this for any other readers.

That said, there are possibilities for serious, corporate level support. I offer such through for example - please feel free to reach out to me offline.

(Conrad Heimbold) #23

I constantly get "500 - Internal Server Error"s on the Bountysource website. Anybody here with the same problem? I hope it’s just a temporary problem, or because of my slow internet… Anyway, having Flattr as a second option for donating would be great - I live outside the US and don’t have a credit card; and bitcoins are such a big tech hassle. Just my two cent :wink:

(Ben Creasy) #24

Hey, I just donated a bit. Would you consider setting up a system for me to donate automatically on a recurring basis? Thanks.

As far as Bountysource, @corny, their development seems to have stalled and so there seems to be a lot of issues with them right now. Hopefully someone steps up to fix it, but this is a common problem with the open-source model… let’s hope it never happens to Syncthing :slight_smile:

@calmh - fyi, I noticed that Bountysource allows for recurring donations which is what I’ll use. It seems like a decent place to point people towards - they take a cut but it seems worthwhile to help support them as well since they’re struggling right now and they provide a service to this project with their bounties.