Domain is not trusted or cannot be found

Hello there We have lost our Domain and from what i can tell syncthing is not working This is correct but my question is now … how can i access all the files that we used to sync? The network path is not available anymore not sure why I can see the files have been updated just before we lost our domain server image

Anyone that could suggest anything o a workaround to get our files?

Thank you !

I’m not entirely sure how this is related to Syncthing specifically, unless I misunderstand your query.

I suppose that you still have access to one of the two devices and storage locations (since you shared the screenshot). Then it’s just a matter of navigating to the correct local path and access your files there. If you used some network share/location that you can no longer access, then you’ll need to contact whoever is in charge of that:)

Hello there Thank you for your reply

Well my files are located on the TrueNAS machine running Synvthing Thats where i get the problem I do not know how to access them from the TrueNAS machine (hope it make sence)

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