Does "Pause All" really pause _all_ or just all with this device?

I use syncthing to sync a couple of Macs, a couple of Windows machines, Linux NAS and Android. I need to turn off one folder, i.e. prevent it from syncing, for a while while I update some things. I see in the web UI a “Pause All” button under folders and under remote machines. My question is whether this pauses all syncing, or just all syncs that involve the device I click “Pause All” on. In other words if I “Pause All” on device A sharing folder F, and devices B and C share the same folder with A and with each other (fully connected), will B and C stop sharing while “Pause All” is in effect? Or do I have to go to each device and “Pause All” on it? (Or Pause Folder, etc.)

Another way to put it: is Pause All a network-wide pause or does it just affect the local device?

The pause-all buttons only affect the “local” device/configuration.

In the end those are just convenience buttons, really, so you don’t have to go through all the folders or all the remote devices to pause them separately in case this is for some reason desired (e.g. metered network, other expensive tasks, …).

Some example device topology;

  /   \
 B --- C

If you share some folder between A-B, B-C and A-C, pausing that folder on A will pause the activity between A-B and A-C but not between B-C.

To pause the entire folder, pause it on all devices. Just be wary for conflicts if you change the data on several devices simultaneously.

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