[does not occur in official] Linux SO to Windows SR - disconnected due to "file with empty blocklist"


I think I’ve discovered a bug in the official code. With all those follow symlink modifications disabled, I get the following error.

Node A: Linux SO

image image image image

Node B: Windows SR

image image image

Log of B shows:

2020-04-09 16:42:20 Connection to 3QOA2NE-2HWMI54-7KDYVMP-KVXSSP7-QD4B52F-VCSIZN3-7ET6TTT-GPAJBAW at closed: protocol error: index: "debian_version": file with empty block list

I know from other topics you’re currently hunting the reason why a block list could be empty. I think this is it. I’ve created a symlink on the linux side “debian_version” pointing to “/etc/debian_version”.

I think this is your custom version wedged in random stuff into the database.


Ok, then I’ll retry from scratch with official and report back soon.

Ok, retrying with a fresh and official v1.4.2 setup.

vm-sender: v1.4.2, Debian Linux x64

vm-receiver: v1.4.2, Windows 10 x64

a) Starting off with an empty, linked folder between the two. All options were left on default, so folder type is SR.

b) Created the symlink on vm-sender.


vm-sender shows:


vm-receiver shows:


Both are connected and showing “up to date”. So currently there is nothing to fix here. Will report back if I find a reproducer for official Syncthing.

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