Docker build abandoned?

The docker-init command has been removed in 35d3af50398, but when I run docker-all it can’t find the syncthing/build:latest image:

$ ./ docker-all
Unable to find image 'syncthing/build:latest' locally
Pulling repository
docker: Error: image syncthing/build not found.

I’m not seeing any ‘official-looking’ images on either. Does it mean this has been abandoned/removed? What does the official buildserver use? (I looked, but I don’t have access to

To my surprise, the same commit also removed the Dockerfile. Is there a particular reason for that?

Yeah, we don’t build like that since a while back. There is a docker image for the build slaves, but in the end the commands run by Jenkins are just those documented in the “building Syncthing” page.

I’ve removed the docker-... commands from to avoid confusion.