Do I need to be logged in on my remote Linux node to make Pulse work?

I have just installed Pulse on two Ubuntu nodes. My question may sound strange to most of you. However, do I actually have to be logged in into my user account on the remote node to see it online and be able to sync between those nodes? The reason why I ask is, that the remote node is shown as “connection offline” while the actual computer is running and online. However, no user is logged into the system right now. Thanks for any help.

I have Pulse installed on a remote Linux server with SSH Password + Key login - but none of that is necessary for sync to work.

If you are able to access the WebGUI, then you are OK. However, if you see Global Discovery Server offline, you might have a firewall issue. Check out the following documentation. It was helpful for me:

You need to make sure that the service is running. The Arch package includes a systemd service file, I assume the Ubuntu version will be similar. You’ll have to configure the user you want syncthing to run as, and enable that service.

Assuming Pulse is running, this wouldn’t prevent connecting to the node, but it came to mind: if you’ve encrypted your home directory, and a synced directory is in your home directory, you will need to log in (you don’t have to, but it’s easier then doing it manually) in order to unencrypt it and make it available.

@all: Thanks for replies.

@Cyphase, I reckon that’s the point. Yes, I’m encrypting my home directory and yes, the Sync directories are in the home directories. On both machines. And I think, that’s pretty much what everybody should do. Did I understand you rigth? If I DO place Sync in an encrypted home directory, I do need to log in in each node to have the directories unencrypted?

Yea, of course. If the directory is encrypted, then it’s encrypted; you can’t access it without decrypting. That said, if Pulse is running, an encrypted directory shouldn’t prevent the nodes from just connecting.