Discrepancy between server/client/Syncthing

I’m testing syncthing and would like to know how to troubleshoot the following situation. Syncthing server is running in a LXC on Proxmox. Syncthing client is running on W10. Both are using the 1.21 version In a zfs dataset RXBeelden shared over with samba I see in W10 169 files in 34 directories In a NTFS drive e:/RXBeelden I see 123 files and 13 directories

Syncthing sees 169 files and 33 directories which is on par with the source. I even claims that the directory is Up to date…

Anything in particular about the things that are supposedly there but actually missing?

This is an older filesystem, meaning that files living on this system exist with at least 3 different owners guyf,eveline,elizabeth. They have there own group but also are member of the qnap group. file1 can by owned by guyf,qnap this is for 80% of the files the case. There are also files owned by guyf,guyf and even eveline,eveline The tricking thing is not getting the files over, but keep the permissions right. I even tried with rsync to windows but that didn’t work either. So the source seems ok and I’m running it as user guyf, It’s on the receiving end that even when Syncthing is running as a windows administrator. Not all files are synced. I also cleaned some files that had non utf-8 characters in them.

So, anything in particular about the files that are supposedly there but actually missing?

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