Discovery server setup and client certificates


Hey thanks for link for the documentation. So I added some comments to the traefik setup in terms of middlewares declaration since I don’t think the documentation was exactly correct.

Anyway I got the traefik proxy up and running and through the syncthing settings it indicated it could find my discovery server by URL. I had a problem however configuring the remote devices – with traefik I kept getting an error about the remote device not being connected. I wasn’t exactly sure how to troubleshoot this error, since I noticed when I switched back to the nginx reverse proxy this wasn’t a problem anymore. I’m sure it’s something with how the reverse proxy is configured, however I think I have it configured pretty much according to the instructions you linked to. I just wasn’t sure how to troubleshoot from there since the traefik DEBUG logs weren’t all that helpful and the discosrv logs aren’t helpful in the slightest. I’m sure this thread isn’t the most appropriate place to discuss problems with the traefik implementation however.

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