Discovery Not Consistent.

I have two systems in different locations that cant seem to keep connected. Both system are on windows 7 64bit pro. they used to both use BTsync without issues. What we are experiencing now is that the systems will initially discover each other sync files and then within 24-48 hours are no longer able to find each other. i haven’t seen any errors in the logs for this issue and was wondering if it is a upnp issue or a discovery server issue?

Both system indicate that they have a connection to the global discovery server.

Any help is appreciated and thank you for the great product and all the speedy responses.

Well you have to work out where the issue lies yourself. You can set environment variables to see what discovery returns and where the connections are made.

You can also query your routers to see if UPnP mappings are still there, and whether or not the port which was advertised on initial succesfull period is still open to the internet.

I think i wasn’t clear on the issue. Upnp is not the issue all mappings are correct and both side can communicate to the global announce server. But in the UI they say the other is offline.

Upnp has nothing todo with discovery, upnp is todo with node to node connections