Discovery hints with REST API

Does anyone know how to use the discovery hint interface? I can’t get it to work, although I can use other parts of the API.

It was introduced here:

And documented here:

$ STTRACE=discover,http syncthing
$ curl -X POST --header "X-API-Key:exampleapikey"\&addr=
404 page not found

And then in the logs:

[LOCAL] 2015/07/08 15:07:53.893464 gui.go:309: DEBUG: http: POST "/rest/system/discovery/hint?device=REMOTE-EXAMPL-EDEVIC-E12345&addr=": status 404, 19 bytes in 0.25 ms

the documentation or the code is wrong, it seems to be /rest/system/discovery, without /hint


Do you use this feature? What for?

/cc @Nutomic as the original requester, @Zillode as another involved Android wrapper…

I’m not actively using that part of the interface.

I had wanted to connect it to a external, decentralized discovery system, but I lost steam and haven’t completed it.

I still would like to make that system work, so something like the discovery hints would be useful.

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I just grepped, we don’t use that anywhere.

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