Disconnected - 3 Nodes having problems

Hi all,

I’ve setup Syncthing between 3 nodes and it has been working normally for a few days. Until 4 days ago, when for no apparent reason one node started showing the “Disconnected” status from one other node.

To make things a bit more clear, here’s the setup description:

  • Mac Server
  • Linux Server
  • Windows Server

All 3 nodes are located in different physical locations.

The Mac Server is the “master” (has Folder Master enabled on the folders I’m sharing) and the other ones are meant to be fail-over replicas.

The Mac Server was connected to all nodes normally and syncing files up to a few days ago. Since then, the following situation has occurred:

  • Mac Server to Windows Server: Syncing (OK)
  • Linux Server to Windows Server: Syncing (OK)
  • Mac Server to Linux Server: Disconnected

I cannot understand what could have gone wrong between those 2 nodes, as no system or network change occurred AFAIK. All nodes have Global Discovery enabled and show “1/2” in the relevant status.

I have tried removing the Devices from the respective nodes (removing the Linux server from the Mac and vice versa) and re-adding them, but it didn’t make a difference.

Considering that both of them can talk to the Windows server, I would assume that the Global Discovery and the connections for them are working fine. Which makes it a bit puzzling on why they won’t talk to each other…

Do you have any ideas on what I could try?

PS: all nodes are running the same version of Syncthing, v0.11.26.

Either of the peers needs to be on the internet to be able to connect.

It seems you windows node is on the internet or has a port forward, or upnp succeeded, hence the other two are able to connect to it.


I am sad we don’t have this in FAQ :frowning:

Thank you for the reply.

I understand what you say, but I still find one detail strange: Mac can talk to Win, Win can talk to Linux, Linux can talk to Win,

but Mac can’t connect to Linux?

Don’t you find that a bit strange? If there was a problem connecting to a node, shouldn’t that node have a problem towards all the other nodes as well?

The problem seems to be specific between 2 nodes only, although the same 2 nodes can talk to a third one without a problem (which means that they are accessible from the internet, right?).

As I said, if EITHER of the nodes has a public adress they will be able to connect.

Mac/Win - Win has public address, Linux/Win - Win has public address, Linux/Mac - None has a public address.

In your case only Windows is accessible from the internet.

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Hmm, after more thinking I believe I got what you meant. :smile:

I manually opened the necessary ports on the router where the Mac server was, and after some time it connected to the Linux server.

Thank you for the help! :slight_smile:

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