Disappointing file mismatch errors ;(

Sometimes Pulse refuses to sync because it hits a hash mismatch, well that is great that it is being careful but it does not help me. I need files to be synced not stop in the middle. It would be great if Pulse keeps a good list of these files and show it after the sync both on the terminal and in the browser.

This is especially very painful on mobile devices. How am I supposed to fix hash problems on limited devices and what if the issue is on the remotes? How am i supposed to login to a distant computer and do admin stuff on a phone or a tiny tablet.


There should only be a few causes for this, basically;

  • A bug. That’s disappointing, but we should fix it, and it’s better that we discover the mismatch than pretend it didn’t happen. :wink:
  • The file changed while it was being synced. Hard to do anything about - there’ll be a bunch of complaints about it, and after then next rescan (on the sending side) the file will be synced correctly.
  • There was a transfer problem of some kind; connection closed while transferring a block, etc. Will be retried.

So yeah, there isn’t really much you can/should do about it, but also we can’t really just not say anything at all about the errors. But it’s a question of user experience, for sure.

So there is an existing bug which I’ve introduced, which might require you to update to 0.10.3 and remove the index to get around


I am not saying that Pulse should not say anything, but it seems to me that it is stopping the sync is not an acceptable user expectation at least for me that is the case. I am perfectly fine with errors bug etc, however Pulse should be sync error agnostic as much as possible and it should “only” inform users and keep syncing if possible. Otherwise people will never know if their files synced or not, they may not even aware that the sync stop especially the sync happens in the background.

It’s not actually stopped though, it is retried in a minute, right? Otherwise you’re running into something other than just the mentioned hash mismatches?


Retrying did not do anything to resolve, it kept spitting the same error message over and over again. I think that a sync program should always sync ignoring the files with the errors (then reporting those later).

This error seems to happen on Android more often(actually I do not think my file collisions were as bad on Lin and Win) , i think it happened both with the arm and the android version (sdcard is fat32) . I ended up firing Unison on android to finish the actual sync.

But that’s what it’s doing, except the report is a little more immediate.


I think it stopped the sync for me thta time. I will try to get you some logs next time