Disabled "Full Rescan Interval" disables "Watch for Changes"

I have set “Full Rescan Interval (s)” to zero (disabled), and enabled “Watch for Changes”

It says “Watching for changes discovers most changes without periodic scanning.”
I have deleted file but change is not propagated until manual scan.

It looks like wrong description or features, or maybe it is the bug.

File watcher seems to work fine for me, even when rescans have been disabled.

Please remember that by default there is a 10s delay for detecting new additions and changes, and a 60s delay for detecting deletions. There are also known issues with some file systems or network drives, which simply don’t support file watching.

I waited more than 8 hrs ))

I do not know how to diagnose that. I just know that it is synchronized after press on Rescan button.

[LSL2N] 20:12:43 INFO: Established secure connection to <ID> at
[LSL2N] 20:12:43 INFO: Device <ID> client is "syncthing v1.18.2" named "<name>" at
[LSL2N] 06:46:39 INFO: Ready to synchronize Software (sendreceive)
[LSL2N] 06:46:39 INFO: Restarted folder Software (sendreceive)
[LSL2N] 06:47:08 INFO: Completed initial scan of sendreceive folder Software

Nothing happened between 20:12 and 6:46.

Something seems broken then. What is the OS and file system here? You may want to enable watchaggregator in debug logging and see if there is any activity there.

Windows 7 x64 NTFS on both sides. It uses FDE with DiskCryptor, though I think it is not related and all standard ways like FindFirstChangeNotification should work.

I have no experience with DiskCryptor, so can’t speak about that, but how about doing some testing with a folder on a USB stick or something to check whether the issue is system-wide, or only limited to the encrypted storage?

Should work, but doesn’t look it does work. I suspect if you use a vanilla volume without encryption etc, it will work, but there is not much we can do here.

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We can close it. I think it is due to root drive not due rescan interval.

It is just changed at the same time, so it was a bit misleading.

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