Disable Logging

Please allow for option to not log any information locally on the device.

This may be a security threat if someone unauthorized would have access to local device logs such as iOS iPhone 5se device when using Möbius. So logging should be optional as opt out if user doesn’t want to even create the logs in the first place, I know developers might be crying at this suggestion but check out Tunnelblick a VPN app that has the cool feature to turn logging off, again for security purposes.

For Möbius Sync specific questions, you should ask the developer directly on their own issue tracker. The details should be explained on their website.

As far as logging goes, I don’t think that you can technically disable it right now, but if you set the logfile flag to -, e.g. syncthing -logfile=-, then Syncthing will not save any logs on the disk physically (with the exception of possible panic logs, e.g. after a crash, etc.).

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Hey there that sounds good and I’ll repost on möbius specific forum to see if that can be added as an iOS feature (button that sets it to =- essentially)