Directory has different contents when syncthing is not running

This morning when I fired up the pc one of my key directories was missing loads of files and subdirectories. Arhgrh Hacked?! But no. The syncthing page had got closed, and had not reopened, and once I reopened it the directory had all the usual contents. I really want to know what is going on! Where did the os get this subset of the directory contents? A further confusion is that syncthing starts automatically with the pc, so I am also curious to know why things changed just because I opened the local webpage. I am running LMDE2 MATE


I have no explanation. I don’t think opening the Syncthing GUI had anything to do with it.

Thanks for the speedy reply. The contents did change the moment I opened the web page. Any ideas where the os got the diminished contents?

I couldn’t possibly speculate.

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