Directories with . in name

I’m so confused; I have a Master server with media and want to “sync” selected directories to Remote server. I setup a Send Only Folder on the Master and choose the Remote to share with; I then get a notification on the Remote server asking if I want to accept. The problem is sometimes it wants to put the files in a directory with the Folder ID and if I manage to get it to use the name it will not let me use punctuation between words. I want it to use the same folder name as the source on the Master server. What am I missing?

Folder labels/paths can be whatever, only folder ids need to be the same. We don’t enforce any folder paths or labels, they can be whatever your operating system supports.

I thought so; When I get the request on the Remote, I go in and choose the correct (already created folder) and make the folder Receive Only and save it. Later when I go back and look in the summary the “.” are gone out of the directory names, if it didn’t decide to change it to the Folder ID

If I go back in and Edit it, it won’t let me change the directory

Can you post screenshots of the GUI showing the problem?

If you want to change the path, you should remove and re-add the folder under a different one.

The screenshots do not show anything related to the “punctuation between words” problem though.

I have remove them and re-added them multiple times. The screen shot shows how it removed the ‘.’ from the Last.Man.Standing folder; I put them there when I accepted the request from the Master; the 2nd shot shows how it decided to put the Folder ID as the folder name after I used The.Blacklist when I accepted the request

I shouldn’t have to set each dir up on both the Master & Remote and cut & paste the Folder ID, should I? I thought accepting the request would duplicate the folders

Accepting the request should be all that is needed.

Do you mean that something like this is not working on your side?

Yes; it is correct when I accept (after editing); at some point it changes; I will do some more troubleshooting; I was hoping I was missing something simple

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