Different kind of ignore

Thanks for a great program. I am just about to finally implement it in an office (after 2years!). Now my question.

Situation: There is a folder on the server called /Staff/ and inside that are folders for each of the staff members. I want to sync them to their home computers. But …

Problem: I don’t want 10 different folders synced if I can avoid it.

Example solution: The office server holds all 10 subfolders of /Staff/ and the server’s syncthing directs it to sync all of /Staff/. On each remote computer there is a folder /Staff/MyName/. The ignore pattern is in a particular remote computers’ /Staff/ folder – such that the particular remote computer only connects with /Staff/MyName/ and ignores all the other /Staff/ folders.

Conclusion: I’m guessing that’s not possible but I wanted to reach out and ask.

Thanks, and I look forward to reporting on my finished Syncthing network.

John in Oregon

It sounds like you want


(The manual)

Bare in mind, that the staff has to trust each other not to change the settings on their home computer to also get the data of the others ;).


Thanks. I had read the manual a couple of times but somehow failed to see the ignore functions works. After your comments I reread that section and now I understand. Thanks, and thanks wweich for the reminder – fortunately in this case we don’t care if staff see each other’s folders.

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