Different full rescan intervals between two computers

Hi everyone. I have a dumb question but I just want to make sure I understand it correctly.

I am sharing a folder from my PC to my NAS. It is set to “Send Only” and I have the full rescan interval set to an hour and disabled “Watch for Changes”.

On my NAS, I set it to “Receive Only”, but then it also has an option for a full rescan interval. Why would I want the receiving end to fully rescan? It doesn’t even need to rescan I think. Should I set it to the same interval as the PC? Or can I set it to a really high number like 12 hours?


In principle it doesn’t need scans at all, if there should be no changes to detect. You can set it to whatever number you like.

(In practice “shouldn’t be any changes” doesn’t always equal “aren’t any changes” and there may be value in detecting those changes and acting on them in one way or the other, hence we still scan.)

For the record, the defaults are different depending on the folder type. Send & Receive, Send Only, and Receive Only have file watching enabled and rescan interval set to 1h, while Receive Encrypted has file watching disabled and rescan interval set to 1d.

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