Different folder names

I have a client that just got a new computer. It automatically set the folders to be on onedrive instead of the c drive. Now when I use Syncthing I sync from the desktop to the new laptop. When I do it makes a new Documents folder.

How can I get Syncthing to put these files in the already existing documents folder?

More information is needed to know what exactly is going on (e.g. screenshots of the Syncthing Web GUI, etc. would be helpful), but my wild guess is that the folder name displayed in Windows Explorer and its actual path doesn’t match (which is normal in non-English Windows). I’m saying so because this particular problem has come up quite a few times on the forum already.

If the above doesn’t apply to your situation, please provide detailed information on your setup including specific folder paths, screenshots, etc.

On the desktop computer it shows that the folder is c:\username\Onedrive (company name)\Documents

On the new laptop it shows the folder is c:\username\Onedrive Personal\Documents

When I try to sync the documents folder from the desktop onto the laptop it creates a folder called c:\user\documents.

Also I can’t seem to get the documents folder to change the path so it to shows c:\user\Documents

The recommended method to change folder paths is to remove and re-add the folder under the new path. This will work unless you have enabled “autoaccept”. If you have, then you should disable it first, and then try to remove and re-add the folder.

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