Different files in path, depending how I look for the files

I want to sync my Retroarch save files (windows, Linux, Android). On my Linux machine (Xubuntu 20.10 with Syncthing GTK): I want to use the path: ~/.var/app/org.libretro.RetroArch/config/retroarch/saves When I add it, only the global state is synced, but not the local state back to global state. When I open the path in Syncthing GTK I can only see, the global state. In Thunar I see the local state only. Without any synthing typical subfolders. Both are installed via flatpak. Flatpak is upto date.

I am guessing ST is syncing to inside the Flatpack container…

Have you got any other share running?

Are you using the “~” character in the path? I think Flatpack redirects that to within the container.

Thanks @kluppy !

I use the full path with /home/username. But it somehow seems like you are right. I also have some older folders that are synced. Still I don’t know, how to circumvent the error.

After restarting the device, I get the error: Error on folder …(…): folder path missing. But the folder path is set.

You’d probably save yourself some grief by using our apt packaging rather than flatpack. The sandboxed packaging formats tend to be annoying with something like Syncthing that is often used with files all over the place.


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