Different computers connecting directly to one another

Just curious, I have a 24/7 computer running syncthing as a server, listening on tcp6://:22000 with global and relaying disabled. I can see other computers connected to server but all the other computer see each other disconnected, only server connected, which works fine as all the files are synced. I thought introducer also shares the IP so that other computers can see each other in case the server goes down. I see dynamic in other computers address.

Whats the questiom here.

Why cant other computers connect directly to each other without the main server. Main server computer can see all the computers connected but other computers only see server connected and all the other computers disconnected.

Probably because you have relaying disabled and they are all behind different NATs, so none of them have an open port to the internet that others could connect on.

I guess the main problem is disabling global discovery: That’s fine if you configure ip addresses or with local discovery in the same subnet, but otherwise dynamic wont work without a discovery mechanism.

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