Devices unable to go online, TLS handshake error

Hi, i’ve just started using syncthing and followed the setup guide however I am unable to connect with client PC. The output terminal shows TSL handshake error : [PW3OV] 19:06:22 INFO: TLS handshake: WSARecv tcp An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

I am trying to connect to a friend’s PC.

Both local folder and remote device shows offline and disconnected as well. I’ve forwarded port 8220, 21026, 22000 and added firewall rule for Syncthing.exe but problem persist. Please advice, thanks!

Which versions of syncthing are you both running? If one is running 0.10 and the other 0.11 they cannot connect.

p.s. port 22000 is the only one which needs forwarding. 21026 will be used for outbound connections to the discovery server.

We’re both using 0.10. Btw my shared folder always shows as offline, is that suppose to happen?

If possible, please update to v0.11, it contains many new features you will like, including conflict detection.

@liquid post your config.xml if you need more advice.