Devices Default to Disconnect

Hey there. I’ve recently set up Syncthing to a folder between a Windows laptop and Android phone. Essentially, one or the other constantly reads as disconnected, and there is no automatic sync unless I manually restart each one or both, at which point the app will somehow recognize or get a jolt, connect the two, and then sync. This is very infrequent and patchy, and generally speaking if I dont do a restart one or the other device will read disconnected, which is obviously annoying and not an effective way to have my files synced.

I went through all the steps and everything should seemingly be working, but I’m not sure how to troubleshoot this? Thanks.

Maybe related, in recent months I’ve often observed my Android phone not being connected to the laptop after both have been conn to the same LAN again. The Linux side shows a whole bunch of addresses being tried, though no local ones AFAIR. The Android side just shows one statically configured DNS name and “dynamic” under Address for the other end. Seems like Android is not publishing its addresses properly to the discovery server or not trying to ask it for the laptop’s addresses. Both sides display a working connection to the default global discovery servers though.

Restarting Syncthing on the Android side instantly gets the connection going again. I don’t know exactly how much patience is required before the problems might fix itself, but apparently very long, judging by how many times I wondered why they are disconnected.

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