Device stuck at "Syncing (95%, 0 B)", but everything's fine...

So, I have a device that according to my local device is stuck at “Syncing (95%, 0 B)”. The thing is, accessing the control panel of said device yields no such errors, it seems to be working perfectly.

Changes to the synced folder (on my local device) are all registered correctly and mirrored on the device in question. Even the 9 files that my local device reports aren’t synced (deleted) are.

Version of syncthing on both sides? Did you check the logs?

0.14.48 on both. syncthing -paths apparently reports that there are no log file:

Log file:

Realized I could check the log from the GUI. Anything to look for specifically?

Errors/failures. Are both sides on .48? Do you have ignores on one side but not the other?

The web ui should have a clickable link which on the device explaining what is out of sync.

Also, if the folder has failed items it should be visible in the ui, which once clicked opens a new dialog showing the errors.

Both sides are 0.14.48.

No ignores on either side.

Log looks fine.

The files in question are 9 seemingly random files from a subfolder which ancestor I deleted. The ancestor contained a lot of files/folders of varying depth. - All of which have been deleted and synchronized properly.

Did you have case only differences/renames?

Does the other side think it’s in sync?

Did you have case only differences/renames?

No renames, only a recursive folder deletion.

Does the other side think it’s in sync?

Yes. But not only that - it is in sync. The folder that was deleted on the local device has been deleted on the synchronized device. None of the files that the local device reports to be out of sync, is in fact in sync (deleted).

you can try folder rescan or Syncthing restart

Done both, on both sides.

Can you post screenshots for that folder from both devices?

And/or provide the output of

curl -H "X-API-KEY: *yourApiKey*" -X GET 'localhost:8384/rest/db/file?folder=*yourFolderID*&file=*outOfSyncPath*'

after replacing the parts between * with the appropriate content from both sides. You can get the api key from the settings dialog in the UI or the config file.

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