Device specific ignore patterns

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I have a folder with all my photos, and I want to share it with 2 different computers.

  • Computer #1 should receive all photos, except the digiKam DBs (ignore: *.db)
  • Computer #2 should receive only a subset of photos, based on filenames.

How can I realize this scenario? The only idea I have is to define the photo folder twice, once per receiving device, setting different ignore filters for each one.

But wouldn’t the two folders share the same .stignore file on disk, from Syncthing’s point of view?

I don’t think that defining the folder twice would work, the .stignore will be shared as you’ve mentioned, and probably will cause more issues, since ST assumes no such double shares are used.

What you can do, while it’s not ideal, to set different .stignores on the remote devices themselves, to accept only specific subset.

Also, you can achieve something similar to what you want with symlinks, but that’s bit more tricky, and has lots of “ifs” on its own.

I forgot to mention that I’m using Windows, so I cannot use symlinks.

Thanks, I’ll try to set different .stignores on the remote devices, I didn’t know it would also work on receiving.

I haven’t used asymmetric ignores a lot, just to block transmitting local files to remote.

This implies similar use case to yours would work though:

Assume two devices, Alice and Bob, where Alice has 100 files to share, but Bob ignores 25 of these. From Alice’s point of view Bob will become about 75% in sync (the actual number depends on the sizes of the individual files) and remain in “Syncing” state even though it is in fact not syncing anything (issue #623). From Bob’s point of view, it’s 100% up to date but will show fewer files in both the local and global view.

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