device disconnected in LAN.

I have one macbook pro and one workstation (opensuse Leap 42.1). These two device could not see each other in the same network, which has firewall configured.

In the macbook pro I installed the syncthing via brew, in opensuse I downloaded and used the binary file of 0.14.8 (the repository provides the old 0.12). In both setting, the NAT, local/global discovery and relaying are enabled.

For the workstation it has a static ip, and I modified the address according to the discussion in the forum. It did not work.

The firewall block many ports, so I am not sure 22000 is blocked as well. How could I figure this out?

What diagnosis should I do? Sorry I am a newbie in linux.


Well we can’t help with firewalls, read the manual for it.

Hover over the addresses listed on the disconnected device and see if any of the addresses look valid.

@AudriusButkevicius There are http, https and ftp proxy set for all internet connection. I guess this might lead to the disconnected service. In the introduction syncthing seems to be able to go through proxy, how to manage it? In the command line, should I write this?: export all_proxy=socks5:// is “” universal or I should figure out for my setting?

It’s explained in the docs, and no, the address is not universal, you need to work it out.

opensuse firewall blocks the connection. Stop firewall makes syncthings work again.

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