Developing a minified UI for external use.

Hi all. I’ve been using Syncthing for the last few weeks now fully as a replacement for Nextcloud, and I love it! (Apologies if this is in the wrong topic section too).

There are some cases where I need to access files from a public computer and download them, modify them and then reupload them at the end of the session. A plan in mind which I’ve got is to develop a minimal UI and API to handle user authentication and the file operations needed. It could be configured by a config file which you specify the directory you want to share.

Would I be wasting my time doing this, or are there any lightweight solutions out there which can sit on top of my Syncthing “server”.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

There exist some file-manager-over-HTTP type things, in PHP and otherwise, which you might be able to just install and run besides/on top of Syncthing. (Whether this counts as “minimal” is another question.)

If I were to do the minimal thing I’d probably look at hooking into Caddy as some sort of plugin, getting HTTPS and stuff “for free”.

Thanks for the response. So is Caddy like a replacement for Traefik? As I understand they are both reverse proxies with load-balancing capabilities.

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