Developer poll - about building Syncthing

Hello developers, current and prospective! Please answer this simple two question poll to help improve the build process.

Compared to other projects I’ve worked on, getting Syncthing to build from source was…

  • Easy
  • Average
  • Hard
  • Looks super complicated, I haven’t dared try!

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It’s more important to me that…

  • Syncthing is go-gettable
  • Syncthing builds regardless of $GOPATH
  • … say what?

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Even I don’t understand the 2nd question, as its neither go gettable (as that probably will fail due to missing deps or wrong versiom of deps), neither it builds without modifying GOPATH (its just that in this case the build wrapper solves the problem).

Currently it’s certainly go-gettable. go get works for me at least. Making it build regardless of source location would most likely prevent that though.