Detecting changes and hashing encrypted files

Hi, I’m a new user of syncthing and have a question regarding detecting changes to files. A subset of my documents are encrypted (Veracrypt) file containers. Veracrypt containers do not change date or size, and it appears that syncthing is not detecting changes in those files. In the past, I’ve used unison to do file synchronization, and unison does not detect the changes under its defaults either – you have to turn off fast file checking to “force” unison to see the updated files. I am hoping that syncthing has a similar hidden feature. Does anyone know if it does or how I might turn it on?


It doesn’t. However Truecrypt/Veracrypt does have an option to not hide the file time stamp, I think. There are topics about that here on the forum.

Turn that off.


I’ll give that a shot. Thanks!

Just because @calmh mentioned TrueCrypt, here is a Screenshot of the Preferences of TrueCrypt 7.1a for Mac, where you can find that setting.

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