Deleting unmatched destination files

Hi. Just installed and tried Syncthing after hating most everything else. Have it working but can’t work out one thing.

I really want my source and destination folders to be mirrors. So when I sync, any files in the destination should be deleted if they do not match fully the source file locations. (I will have deleted them from the source folder or I will have moved them, in which latter case, the sync will have already copied their files in a new location to a mirror location, making the old location files redundant).

So how do I make sure unmatched destination files are deleted? (In case it matters, I’m syncing between 2 laptops on a simple home network.)

Thanks for any advice.

There is no automatic way. You can set the receiving side as receive only and keep pressing the revert local changes button to delete those files.

What do you mean exactly by “unmatched destination files”?

Syncthing will normally synchronise any changes, including deletions, that take place in a pair of folders, unless the folders are set to “Receive Only” or “Send Only”. In that case a manual intervention may be required.

Basically, if you have a set of “Send and Receive” folders, the two will be a mirror of one another by default.

Thanks for both answers. However, I’ve now found the answer.

Propagate Deletion needs to be selected in the configuration. Must have missed it when I set it up while learning how to use the app.

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