Deleting synced photos

I have SyncThing on my android and windows notebook.

I set my android to sync photos to notebook. This is using Send only feature

I set my notebook to receive only … however, where can I set ignoredelete?

Cos if I delete photos in my android the files are also gone on my notebook.

First things first; setting Ignore Delete is highly discouraged;

→ So please, read those links first.

In my opinion you’re probably better off using some sort of external versioning to handle the deleted/changed files on the receiving end.

But if you really want to enable it, on the receiving end; Actions → Advanced → Folders → [relevant folder] → Ignore Delete [v]

thanks for the tips. I think it’s pretty straight forward and I’ll use it. Basically … deleting photos on my phone to save space … and those on notebook as backup. I shall sync the notebook to another desktop for redundancy.

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