Deleting Files From Remote Server

A previous IT admin setup SyncThing to sync to an off-site server not under our control. We have no credentials to access the remote server.

I want to discontinue using the remote server. I see that I can pause syncing and remove the device, but how do I ensure the remote server has deleted the files that were previously synced?

There’s no way to do it, and this is intentional. You don’t tell others what to do with their files (and once you’ve deliberately sent a file to them, the file is as much theirs as it is yours) in a decentralized system, which Syncthing is and always aimed to be.

You can move all files outside your synced directory so Syncthing will remove those files from the synced directory on the remote server. But there is no assurance, that no data will be left on that remote server.

For OP benefit: and there never can be, as the remote server might have backed up the files to cold storage as soon as it first received them. At this point you probably need to contact the other server admin team.


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