Deletes not working on one folder pair

I have Syncthing set up on my laptop (Windows - Send Only) sending updates to my server (OMV - Receive Only). When I initially configured it, there were files and folders on both sides and they seemed to sync properly, once I changed all the file ownerships on the server side to be correct.

New files from my laptop sync properly to my server, but deletes aren’t working. If I delete a file, then it doesn’t get deleted on the server. If I change the name of a file then I get two files, one with the original name and one with the new name. (ie Rename is Delete then Add)

I don’t see any lines in the logs and am stumped to what could be the problem. I think I have everything configured correctly but I’m quite new to this so could easily have something wrong.

Interestingly, I have another folder pair set up and deletes work perfectly fine. Hmm - what am I doing wrong?

A “Delete then Add” results in different filesystem inodes, while a true rename retains an existing inode and simply updates the filename field in the metadata.

Since there are actually two file create/add actions, it sounds like Syncthing’s ignoreDelete feature is enabled for the problem folder.

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Thanks @gadget. This has made me check all my settings in detail, something I should have done before. ignoreDelete hasn’t been set anywhere, but I found that I had set Sync Ownership on the problem folder, but not the other one. For some reason, going from Windows to Linux causes a problem with Sync Ownership, possibly because Windows doesn’t have owners? Anyway, it all seems to be working now. Thanks for your help.

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