deleted files reappear

I delete a file on a device and shortly thereafter it reappears again, downloaded form one of the connected servers. I see first a file which eventually disappears and leaves only the file previously deleted. Can be repeated reliably. The files are relatively large (2 GB) and the connections semi-fast; the re-download takes minutes.

The topology of my setup is complex - does this play a role here? There are four devices (armhf) all connecte to each other all the ways. The node I delete from is connected to all four of them (but nothing else), but one of the four is currently not running. There are no ignore list used.

General question: does the topology of the connection between server. Are connections with rings dangerous?

Thank you for the help! andrew

Version Information

Syncthing Version: v0.14.54, Linux (64 bit) OS Version: linux debian 9 (on AMD/Intel and ARMHF - odroid)

See which device it’s coming from and check syncthing version on all devices, as there was a bug that was fixed in the latest version.

two of the connect are 14.54, but one is 14.52; I will upgrade this device tomorrow.

thank you!

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